Destiny 2- PC Beta Review

Destiny 2 PC Review


When Destiny first launched on consoles in 2014, I was among the players who were even more hyped to finally play an MMO that was also an FPS without it being Halo or being a competitive mode. During that time, there was plenty of the issues that seemed to plague a lot of players. The grind was ridiculous to reach the level cap, the missions became almost tedious, and it seemed almost impossible to get your Light level to move. It’s quite possible that was just my struggle but I digress. When The Taken King was announced, a lot of changes came to the game and streamlined the ability to level and to get that Light level up. And when Taken King was launched, it rejuvenated the game. There’s even embarrassing pictures of me at the midnight release at my local Gamestop. I’m not ashamed at all. Of course, when Destiny 2 was announced for my main platform, I was ecstatic.


Now that the Open Beta has come, and unfortunately gone, my review for it as a PC game is: The hype is very real. Having played World of Warcraft for the better half of 8 years now, I’m a little biased on the ability to have the controls feel comfortable and reachable. I’m even more biased now since my first Razer Naga and how obsessed I am with it. This was my big worry about playing an FPS on the PC, controls and how they would work. And I have never been more pleased to say that Destiny 2 has handled that obstacle perfectly. The keys to jump, move, strafe, reload, interact, are around the WASD set-up that anyone used to PC gaming knows.


This being said, let me elaborate. WASD are your movement keys, of course. R is for reloading, E for interacting with doors or objects, F for the Super, V for your class ability, C for the melee attack, X for the air move, Tab will summon your Ghost, Shift toggles sprint, and Ctrl toggles crouch. Your weapons are now considered “Kinetic”, “Energy”, and “Power” weapons and the keys to swap between these are the 1, 2, and 3 keys respectively. All of these can be remapped in the settings menu. If you’re anything like me, having gotten too used to being able to map things to the buttons on my Naga, then you may be doing the same happy dance I did when I found out I could put the weapons on my mouse.




Keeping in tune with the original and the live action trailers that created a lot of hype, Destiny 2 has their own and it’s worth the watch. Especially with Cayde-6 being voiced by Nathan Fillion.

Pre-purchase swag will be the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle, a Kill-Tracker Ghost, and a Salute Player Emote. Both luckily and unfortunately, the PC version launches Oct 24, 2017. Even if you don’t do the pre-purchase hype train, according to the website, you will be able to obtain these three things through gameplay starting December 5, 2017. It doesn’t give any more detail on how to obtain them but it does state that they will be available.


If you go through the Destiny website to download or pre-order your copy, PC has three options for retailers with, Gamestop, and Humble Bundle.


Digital Deluxe Edition includes the game as well as premium digital content. The expansion pack comes with this edition as well and grants access to both Expansion I and Expansion II when they launch. Part of the content you receive will be a Legendary sword, Legendary Player Emote, and a Cabal Empire themed emblem to use. And all of this will be considered ‘pre-purchase’ until the PC version launches in October, so if you’re not sure and you want to wait to see how it does, you have plenty of time. Hope to see a lot of Guardians in the Last City!

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