Excelsior! – A 2017 Wizard World Nashville Review

What a weekend in Music City! We here at NerdWide were granted press credentials and scoped out a lot of what Wizard World Nashville had to offer on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Let’s get to the review.




Just a quick point here. Security was very tight, but there was a slight bit of overkill. I’m all for keeping people safe, but anytime we left the exhibitor floor to attend a panel or grab lunch, we had to go back through the metal detectors at the security checkpoint and loop back around to the main entrance to re-enter. It’s not a huge deal first thing in the morning, but as people accumulate items throughout the day, it makes re-entering a bit of a hassle.




There were some good food vendors on hand. Two in the exhibitor hall and three in the main hallway outside. The highlight for me, however, was clearly the Chocolate Moonshine Company ( https://www.chocolatemoonshine.com ) which specializes in delicious fudge. Definitely recommended!



Wizard World Nashville

A lot of great vendors showed up this year. The artist that stood out to me was Kurt Lehner ( http://kurtlehner.blogspot.com ). He took the time to chat with everyone who wanted to talk and cut people amazing deals on his work. There was more than just art available from vendors including gemstone/crystal jewelry from EarthPrism ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/EarthPrism/items ), authors such as Genese Davis ( http://genesedavis.com ), and collector’s booths such as The Great Escape ( http://www.thegreatescapeonline.com ).



Wizard World Nashville

There was a really good line-up for this con. The headliner was clearly Stan Lee. We were able to attend his panel and they skipped his normal storytelling and went straight to the question and answer session. First up was a guy who thanked Stan Lee for getting him through a rough childhood when he didn’t have anyone. He stated that Stan’s stories and characters made him feel that he wasn’t alone. A couple of others shared similar stories. We also heard about some of Stan’s celebrity fans, including Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio (who, apparently, wants to portray Stan in a feature film about his life). No details could be shared about the upcoming Infinity Wars movie. We do know, of course, that Stan will be making a cameo in the new FOX series, The Gifted and in Thor: Ragnarok so keep your eyes open for him there. We also managed a photo-op and autographs with him. Check a major item off of the bucket list.


Val Kilmer and Nichelle Nichols were also there and people waiting for autographs and photos with them was a regular site. I managed to add Val Kilmer’s autograph to my Tombstone DVD that I got Michael Rooker to sign a couple of months ago. He wasn’t feeling well that day but, certainly pushed through to make the fans who showed up to meet him happy. Neither of us got to meet or interview Nichelle Nichols but hopefully, we can work that out next time. We also had opportunities to interact with Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, Jason Mewes, Brian O’Halloran and Lex Lang. All of them provided great experiences when meeting them. We obviously would have loved to get to more of the guests in attendance, but alas, time doesn’t stand still at a con. 

Wizard World Nashville

Thoughts from Tyler (The owner/editor for NerdWide) about Lex Lang. Lex Lang was the star of the show for me. I talked to him for easily 15 minutes about his previous and upcoming roles. One of which he told me about that I can’t spoil yet but when I can you all will be the first to know! He was a complete down to earth person who could easily tell I loved his work. Talking to a celebrity who has the time to hold a conversation with you, is one of the best things about cons like this one.


This year’s Wizard World Nashville show was an amazing experience. We enjoyed the guests, vendors, and food (ahh…the food…) and, especially, some of the folks we got to meet and chat with before close on Sunday. After all, the real glue that holds these cons together is really the commonality of the attendees. It doesn’t matter how many differences we all have because when we walk into a con, we all have one very important thing in common…Fandom. Despite all of the other differences, we can always bond over our fandoms and, through that, we create a community of our own that, at times, becomes a large extended family. So, with that said, we’ll see you all at the next con on the calendar. Call it our next family reunion. Remember, though, that if you’re at that reunion looking for the creepy uncle and you don’t see him…it might be you. Take care guys! Con on!


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