Ranking the Season 4 Episodes of Black Mirror

If you are anything like me then you have already binge-watched the newest season of Black Mirror and loved it. Season four takes viewers on an emotional train ride. This season is a bit different from previous seasons in which some of the episodes end in a good way. It is crazy to think about, it actually happens. Don’t worry though, the crazy and intense Black Mirror events still happen.

For those who have not watched this show yet, let me fill you in. Black Mirror is an anthology series on Netflix that covers technological ramifications and how our society reacts to that. It is not a documentary, but instead a science fiction television show that may be predicting our future. Each episode features new characters, technology and plots so you can sporadically watch however you please. So without any spoilers, if you have not watched season four yet then here is the order you should watch them starting from good to holy #$&%!

Good – Arkangel

Directed by the amazing Jodie Foster, Arkangel follows the story of a mother and daughter. After a short scare that her daughter had gone missing, mother Marie looks into a monitoring system for her safety. The device is known as Arkangel which is implanted into the temple area of the head. It allows Marie to locate her daughter wherever she might be, but it also does some unsettling things. As the little girl grows up with this device in her head, her mother is torn between throwing away the device or keeping it. The mother-daughter dynamic in this episode is a great relationship explored making it a good watch.

Black Mirror - Arkangel

Great – USS Callister

The longest episode of the season is a great watch. Coming in at 76 minutes, USS Callister is a funny and creepy episode. Robert Daly is at the head of his own game tech company along with his not so likeable counterpart, James Walton. When a new girl is hired in the office, Daly takes a liking which leads him to bring her aboard the USS Callister. Without spoiling anything, the episode takes a left turn as the unexpected happens. We find out what Daly is up to in his own modded version of the game which resembles Star Trek all too much.

Black Mirror - USS Callister

Awesome – Hang the DJ

A twist on modern dating apps, Hang the DJ explores a world where an app predicts how long the relationship will last. For instance, Frank and Amy are paired up for the first time and it only lasts for 12 hours. Through the night they both talk through what they are feeling which pulls the viewer in. You begin asking yourself, “How are these two only going to last for 12 hours,?!?” Frank and Amy are perfect for each other. It breaks our hearts when we see both of them leave each other to see other people. Both explore a number of different relationships before meeting again, but of course, nothing lasts forever. I will let you be the one to find out what happens in the end.

Black Mirror - Hang the DJ

Wow – Metalhead

Metalhead is the shortest episode of season four but features an interesting artist choice which fits perfectly. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, three scavengers search a warehouse for supplies. They are needing to acquire a box of supplies while also staying quiet for any nearby dangers. When the danger becomes real inside the warehouse, they all must make a break for it or they will surely pay the price. This entire episode is in black and white which is an amazing choice for this episode. The choice to have the episode in no color ironically highlights the bleakness of the world and plot which I loved.

Black Mirror - Metalhead

OMG! – Crocodile

Mia is an architect with a dark secret that she wants to stay buried. It wasn’t something she was proud of but does not want it to come back and haunt her. She goes out of town to speak at an event which allows her to meet an old friend. When the friend brings up the secret Mia has been wanting to keep hidden, she does everything she can to keep it that way. Unluckily, an insurance investigator named Shazia uncovers the secret through a strange series of events. This episode left me stunned at the end and is a must watch!

Black Mirror - Crocodile

Holy #$&%! – Black Museum

Black Museum is not only the best episode of season four, but it also confirms that every episode of Black Mirror takes place in the same universe. When a girl named Nish has to stop to charge her car, she stumbles upon the Black Museum. It is known to feature some of the biggest items in crimes ever along with the main attraction. Many items from previous seasons are included in the museum along with some from season four. As Nish asks the owner, Rolo Haynes, about some of the items on display, he tells her the stories behind the few she asks about. Once Nish goes to the main attraction, a crazy reveal occurs which leaves you with saying “Holy #$&%!”

Black Mirror - Black Museum

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