Wizard World Nashville 2017 Preview



Nerds and geeks and Wizard, oh my! Nerds and geeks and Wizard, oh my!

There’s no yellow brick road leading to Music City, USA, but when Wizard World Comic-Con invades Nashville, Tennessee from September 8-10 fans will definitely know that they aren’t in Kansas anymore.


The top guests that stop in Nashville 2017 Wizard World tour include Stan Lee, Val Kilmer, and Nichelle Nichols. That’s a strong trio and the rest of the lineup is deep. Firefly is represented by Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, and Sean Maher. From the WWE Universe, Superstars Roman Reigns and Bayley will appear. From cult classic films such as Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, and Mallrats, Jason Mewes, and Brian O’Halloran will be there. Other guests include Ray Park, Dean Cain, Loni Anderson, Charisma Carpenter, Graham McTavish, Lou Ferrigno, Aly and AJ Michalka, Kevin Conroy, Loren Lester…the list goes on and you can check it out at the Wizard World website here.

Now, keep in mind that guests may cancel if their awesome day jobs make such an unfortunate decision necessary, BUT also know that there is still plenty of time for MORE guest announcements!


Tickets are still available and there are all kinds of different packages at different pricing tiers. Now, as a con-goer, I can tell you that getting a general admission ticket works if you have very little that you want to accomplish in the con. If you’re showing up for one person, for instance, you can probably enjoy everything just fine on a general admission ticket.


If, however, you plan on doing as much as possible and, like me, spending lots o’ cash then you definitely want to pick up a VIP ticket package. You can get a broad VIP (the regular 3-day VIP, the horror VIP, gaming VIP, or anime VIP) or you can get a VIP specific to a particular cast or individual (Stan Lee, Val Kilmer, Nichelle Nichols, Firefly, Alan Tudyk, Bayley, and Roman Reigns). Each VIP package comes with its own unique perks, but they all have three very important things in common for the serious con-goer.


First, you get early entry to the floor each day. That means getting to deals at vendor booths before most people. Second, you get better seats at panels. Third, and most importantly, you get priority (or speed pass) access to autograph and photo lines. That is key if you’re looking to get a lot of autographs and photos.


Now, it’s not just the actors and athletes who are showing up at a Wizard World show, but artists and vendors as well. Again, check out the website here for the Nashville page for vendors and artists. There, you will not only find a list of the panels that include celebrities, but also how-to’s on getting into the gaming industry, cosplay workshops, and how to make items out of resin.


If you’re anywhere close to Nashville September 8-10, do yourself a favor and check out Wizard World Comic-Con. You will not regret it and, most likely, you’ll meet a lot of new friends who share your fandoms. Oh, and remember…there’s no place like Wizard World. There’s no place like Wizard World…


We will update this article with announcements and dropouts as they happen.